Why do we ask you to verify your age?

We need to ensure that our products can only be purchased by those of a legal age to do so. Under US, UK and EU law, it is illegal to sell electronic cigarettes and any product intended to deliver nicotine to all individuals under the age of 18. To make certain that our customers are of a safe, legal age to buy our products, we ask that they agree to confirm their age when creating an account or placing an order as a guest during checkout. To make the process as fast and accurate as possible, while protecting your personal data and anonymity, we use the industry-standard Age checked verification service.

How do we verify your age?

Whenever you place an order with Us, you will be asked to enter your full registered name, billing address and date of birth. This information must be entered correctly as it would appear on your driver’s license, electoral roll or a UK credit card. With this information we can verify your age and proceed with your order.

We use Age checked services to verify your age, but since this is simply an ID check and not a credit check, your credit score will not be affected in any way.

In some instances, such as a recent change of address or change of name, Age checked might not be able to verify your age, and so we may ask you to provide another valid form of proof of age such as a mobile phone number verification, credit card, UK Driver’s License or Passport.

Your personal data is safe with Us

As we use Age checked secure age verification services, our customers’ personal data is never logged or stored, just processed at the point of your first order with us. This means that, so long as you have created an account with us, you only have to verify your age one time and all future orders placed with us will go straight through without requiring further age verification.

For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.