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Friendly Farms carts, Liquid Live ™️ is a single extraction process where the entire extract remains together throughout the process. Friendly farm carts live resins not to be confused with ANY other LIVE RESIN CARTS like raw garden carts on the market
This is a major benefit when consuming Friendly Farms carts extracts because of the ratio, types of terpenes and cannabinoids present in cannabis are what deliver the effects you get from each strain specific plant.
Consider the feeling/effect and flavor you get from smoking a joint of your favorite cannabis. Now compare that to your standard vaping experience. Check out our Piff bar live resin


How and Why Does Friendly Farms Weigh Their THC Vape Cartridges ?

Friendly Farms carts are filled by weight because each batch of our plant specific Liquid Live™️ concentrate is unique.⁣⁣ Using state warrant trade scales, we weigh our THC cartridges individually when they are fill up.⁣⁣⁣
Some of our Friendly Farms carts Live resin strains are thicker than others, which will weigh more, but can make the THC cartridge appear less full.⁣⁣⁣ Color will also vary by strain. The wick of the hardware can absorb up to 20% of the oil, causing the appearance of a bubble.⁣⁣⁣
With our Friendly Farms Cartridge you get a true half gram of concentrate with no filler add on.⁣⁣⁣


Why You Can’t Feel a Full Vaping Effect of Other Vape Carts

The reason you don’t feel the full effects from other cartridges is simple. When the compounds are set apart and then reintroduce, typically adding in “cannabis derive terpenes” to mimic the effects which does not work.
The truth is, once you break apart that bond it cannot be put back together, like breaking an egg and trying to reconstruct the shell. This is why when smoking flower testing at, lets say 16-30% THC, you always feel the full spectrum effects while vaping a 80-99% THC distillate, blended or co2 vape cartridge you do not.


Where To Buy Friendly Farms Carts

Only Platinum store is the #1 stop to buy Friendly Farms live resin vape carts as well as Friendly Farms Carts at good wholesale prices. live resin vape carts do offer all customer a purchase insurance.
The method is paypal buyer protection and as well as you can also pay with bitcoins for your personal security.

Friendly Farms THC Vape Cart Prices

The price of a Friendly Farms Cart varies depending on many factors. Still, you can get the product from $20 to $80 depending on who you are buying from.
Where as, whole sale Friendly Farms Carts bulk deals can go as low as $13 to $18 per piece depending on your vendor’s supply ability. contact us for bulk deals

Are There Additives In Friendly Farms Carts

Friendly Farms THC vape carts do not use any additives, distillate or use separation techniques in Friendly Farms carts. We use one ingredient, 100% cannabis.
We source fully Top shelf cannabis from the top cultivators in the state to give you the best experience when consuming your concentrates because YOU DESERVE BETTER!
Not forgetting that friendly farms cartridges or say friendly farms live resin is also on the list for best live resin carts for 2023-2024

All Friendly Farm cart Flavors and Strains

Blue slush, friendly farms blue dream, friendly farms Fruity pebbles, Orange sunset, Lava cake, Oz kush, Gelonade, Bonbons, Animal mints, Lemon tree, Sour diesel.
Hawaiian Punch gelato, Sundae drive, Wedding cake, Gelato 33 , Omfg, Tropical guava, Grease monkey, Biscotti, Blueberry diesel. friendly farms Wedding crashers, Sugar cone, Pai gow, Peach pie, Larry og, Dosilato, Banana Mac, Ice cream banana, Modified grapes, Gs banana

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